Three things IoT must do to get beyond the hype

Three things IoT must do to get beyond the hype

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How many times have you heard that the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be epic – with billions of connected devices generating trillions of dollars? And yet, the overwhelming reaction of tech consumers right now is essentially “meh”.

Just recently, I moderated a roundtable discussion at the Milan Disruptive Week, on the subject of “Investing in IoT”. We talked about emerging sectors, key success factors and open innovation strategies. But it was my three-year-old daughter that got me involved with IoT on a personal level.

This wasn’t because she’s a genius (though I like to think she is) but because we bought a baby monitor for her. I then discovered the manufacturer, Withings, has been acquired by Nokia as part of its strategy to consolidate its position in the IoT industry. So now I can “live the dream” of IoT next time my little girl wakes at 2am.

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