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We activate the strategy of Tech B2B Small Businesses. Our Clients buy from us tangible results, not timesheets, while avoiding the costs of a traditional consulting approach or interim management.

Established, but you’ve hit a wall?

If you are a small B2B business CEO experiencing flat-lined results, Eggcelerate’s “Flex COO Services” will help you achieve focus and sustainable growth and bring your business back on.

We are here to guide you through when your sales have flat-lined, are declining, profitability is low, or you are facing a new challenge.

With a pragmatic approach, we pinpoint where you need to adapt, fine-tune, or revise your current processes. We ensure you remain competitive and flexible while having a system for accountability.

Eggcelerate works with you to plan and execute your long-term growth initiatives and sustainable business practices. With every decision, we ensure that your business remains aligned with your vision, mission, and values. Your strategies are designed to support and serve your internal and external customers.

You’ve got your capital: now what?

Eggcelerate’s “Flex CCO Services” helps the Founders of ambitious B2B start-ups gain a position in the market and deliver upon investors’ expectations from post-seed to Series-A.

Eggcelerate understands the challenges of bringing your new business to life. Your time, resources, skills, and people are scarce, so hire us as your fractional CCO. We help you achieve maximum ROI by delivering your market research, commercial plan, and strategy. We execute the plan and stay with you until results are delivered.

Are you getting the maximum ROI?
Eggcelerate refreshes your commercial proposition, identifying new targets and channels, assessing profit margins, refining your message, and if needed executing your rebranding initiative.

We create a personalised commercial growth strategy and ensure your plan integrates your marketing and sales pipeline for maximum ROI. With the right plan and external partners, you remain in control. Your commercial direction will be crystal clear, efficient, and results-oriented.


We Do

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We Do

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How efficient are your operations?

Eggcelerate is here to help when you have an area of opportunity, bottleneck, or are looking to optimise your current operations.

We will map out every step in your current sales pipeline, service delivery, and payment processing and identify ways to make your workflow more efficient.

We will assess your workflow to determine if we can digitally transform, automate segments of your current process, and eliminate redundancies.

We will implement your “cocktail-to-cash” process to automate lead generation, service delivery, and payment processing.


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We Do

You Achieve

Are you asking the right questions?

Sometimes as Small Business we are too close and immersed in our day-by-day to determine our areas of opportunity. We know the results we desire but we may not be asking the right questions to create an efficient and sustainable growth strategy.

Industry, investor, and internal and external needs continue to evolve. We help you remain flexible and competitive with emerging growth strategies.

Your personalised framework will be built with your vision, mission, and values at its core. This ensures that everything from your budget process to your financial objectives, job descriptions, and branding deliver a consistent and cohesive message.

As your dedicated growth partner, we don’t abandon you once your strategy is developed, we bring your strategy to life. To ensure ROI, we create custom reports to measure KPIs and check for efficiencies as you settle into your new systems.


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