Your Challenges

A butterfly flaps its wings in sales. A tornado sweeps your operation.

New business opportunities should be exciting. But when you’re under pressure already, they can feel like a problem.

You’re short of time, you’re worried about making the wrong choices and you don’t have anyone in-house with the right skills to help.

Many small and medium-sized businesses feel exactly this way. Do you recognise any of these challenges?

What markets should we address to grow? How should we get there?

Which of our products/services should we focus on more?

What should we stop doing?

How can we analyse competitors and sharpen our proposition?

What are the implications of growth for my company?

Why do we always have the feeling we’re running out of cash?

How can we make ourselves more flexible and efficient?

How do we out-perform competitors on customer service?

We need additional funding for our next expansion. How do we achieve this?

Who’s the ideal investor for us: banks and private equity? Are there alternatives?

What kind of pitch will impress a potential investor?

How can we create a compelling business plan?

We’ve spotted a gap in the market. What should we do next? Is there really a market in that gap?

We’ve got some great ideas. What are the likely costs and timescales needed to bring a product or service to market?

How do we build a go-to-market plan that keeps us on track?

Have we got our pricing right?

Do we have roles defined around the people we have? How can we rather get the right people in the roles we need?

Is the right organisation in place? How can we adapt to a fast moving market?

How do we find/hire someone for a key permanent role?

Is the incentive plan really motivating and rewarding? Is there anything non-monetary that people might value?

How do we build a sales pipeline when we only have few people?

What type of clients should we approach first?

Who decides to buy our products/services?

How can we create accurate forecasts?