Autonomous vehicles’ after-shocks will open doors for business

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The arrival of autonomous vehicles will disrupt the world in more ways than we realise — but it’s the after-shocks that ambitious companies should be thinking about and urgently. Over the next decade, we’ll increasingly start to view car ownership as quaint and inefficient, especially for city dwellers. But it would be a mistake to think the autonomous vehicles’ revolution is only about changing how we get from A to B.

Autonomous vehicles will shake up the business world, far beyond the obvious implications for car sales, taxi services and haulage contracts. And if you’re running a technology company, then now’s the time to start thinking, designing and planning, because the doors will be opening to new business opportunities.

Autonomous vehicles won’t merely change the auto industry. Related sectors and adjacent markets will be impacted too, while niche new services will purr into action.

Here are seven big changes we’re likely to see – that could create the space for a host of bespoke products and services, created by forward-thinking companies:

1. Entertainment

With the tech doing the driving, the hours people spend travelling will become quality time. Cars will become an extension of the living room or meeting room. So imagine the products and services that consumers and executives may want, whether relaxing or working? Think screens, food, comfort, apps and smart ways to make the best use of compact spaces.

2. Cityscapes

If driverless vehicles become standard, then it makes sense that engineers will start to design roads and cities in an entirely different way. This could affect street signs, bus stops, Wi-Fi technology, buildings and planning regulations. For example,


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