How can Merging Blockchain and IoT Networks Benefit a Business?

Blockchain & IoT

Note: Join our B2B Community here if you like this post. With emerging technology systems, such as blockchain, IoT, and AI, becoming increasingly popular, merging technologies is an opportunity to improve performance. One is merging the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain. IoT is a system of interconnected and interrelated physical objects that can collect […]

How SMEs Can Develop Effective Strategies in the Industry 4.0 Age

Industry 4.0

Note: Join our B2B Community here if you like this post. Today, leaders are faced with the task of switching to Industry 4.0 and driving their organisations forward. The market is changing at an astonishing pace, product lifecycles are becoming shorter, innovation is accelerating rapidly, and C-Suite executives in SMEs are struggling to keep up. The transition […]

Digital workforces: Automation processes in workforces for SMEs

Photo by Katja Anokhina on Unsplash

Note: Join our B2B Community here if you like this post.   We have already seen how the digital workforce, from automotive robots and CNC machines to the IoT, has integrated into the supply chain to its current incarnation as RPAs, chatbots, and digital assistants. A critical factor in using digital workers is that robots […]

AI for small businesses and how to best optimise it

AI for SME

Note: sign up to our B2B Community here if you like this post.   Are you intimidated by the words “artificial intelligence”? Maybe you’re thinking of Internet algorithms spying on you — or robot overlords from movies?  However, if you’re a smaller business, AI can be good news and make you a master, not a slave. Artificial […]