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Project Description

“Proving your market to outsiders can be extremely difficult if your idea is at the edge and at the crossroads of many innovative technologies: a definition of the market simply doesn’t exist. Eggcelerate showed an immediate understanding of what we were trying to achieve. They went far from what you may expect from a standard market research and helped us articulate our story beyond the numbers of market size and growth. We also appreciated their efforts to share and educate about the business aspects of what we do with so much passion, with very practical strategic and planning recommendations.”

– Aste Amundsen, Founder, CAT


“The main concern of a founder with a team, an MVP and funds from Angels and VCs is to make cash work the hardest, with not enough time, skills or people to do it.

Eggcelerate helped me achieve that and create a structure around my vision. Their approach to commercial planning is pragmatic and easy to implement: their plan included suggested actions with priorities, time, resources and budget allocation, thus translating strategy into result-oriented actions and making marketing strongly interlocked with sales and geared towards sales increase.”

– Damian Crowe, Founder, Obillex


“Stefano really knows his stuff and delivers perfectly. I would not hesitate to involve him in our activities again.”

– Modwenna Rees-Mogg, Executive Chairman, The Pluralists Club


“Stefano Maifreni #Applause We would be lost without you! #MotivatingLeader

– Luca Grimaldi, CEO, Megatron Sensors


“In order to launch an initiative to effectively target a new international market, you must rely on a partner that knows that market and has great connections there. If they also have an in-depth knowledge of your industry’s complexity and needs, they are able to provide real strategic added value.

This is what we found in Eggcelerate.”

– Maurizio Pensato, CEO, SPOT.

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