High-flyers: loose cannons or your greatest asset?

High-flyers: loose cannons or your greatest asset?

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Stefano Maifreni, founder of business expansion consultancy Eggcelerate, found himself wondering what to do with something of a high-flyer when he appointed a new expert in operations and enterprise resource planning (ERP). “It was a pretty rare skill set in our arena,” says Maifreni, “and the person we hired immediately wanted to restart our ERP from scratch and also take over key financial operations. Showing initiative was great, but his ambitions were all a bit ‘too much too soon’ and potentially disruptive.”

Maifreni’s solution was to challenge the new hire with objectives that were slightly out of his comfort zone. “I also had to balance a collaborative and more direct style of managing him,” he says, “and ensure that there was a continuous review of the projects he was working on.” It worked – this approach channelled the employee’s energy and drove positive change for the company.

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