There is something fresh and unique about Eggcelerate

Our experts are willing to join you at an employee level for as long as you need.

We become an extended part of your team, sharing in your pressures, challenges and successes. We’re highly committed and deeply engaged. Your success matters to us.

We adopt a three-step approach to helping your company:

Step 1: Think
We spend time with you to understand
your business goals and challenges.

We're good listeners. We respect you.
Your company is unique.

We'll ask key questions and explore various possibilities.

Afterwards, we'll be in touch with our assessment and recommendations.

We'll be happy to sign any confidentiality agreements.

Step 2: Discover & Commit
If you want to proceed, one of our experts will come and work with you.

We will come and interview/survey your Team and understand your core processes.

We will prepare a brief with the result of our analysis and a proposal that will include an objective, an action plan, and our level of involvement.

You'll find us to be friendly, helpful, reliable and trustworthy

Step 3: Grow
We'll fit neatly within your team.

It could be for a few days, weeks or months.
See our flexible pricing.

We'll put our agreed plans into action and make things happen.

At every stage, we'll be focused on outcomes: time, cost and results.

We'll keep you closely involved at all times - without overwhelming you.

When an assignment comes to fruition,
we'll celebrate the success with you.

We'll also think ahead to 'what happens next?' and present more ideas.

We'd love to continue working with you but that's your choice.

Contact us today and We’ll fix up a meeting at no cost to you. It will be a pleasure to meet you and hear about your business challenges and opportunities.


We are Eggcelerate. We are the Business Expansion Expert.

Eggcelerate (R) is a SteM Advisory Ltd. brand.

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