When you only need 48 hours in every day

When you only need 48 hours in every day

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Too much to do, too little time? If that’s the story of your life right now as you run a small business, then you need to make important changes. Changes that may help your sanity, your relationships, and your business’s bottom line.

Does this sound like you?
Owners of small companies often find themselves so engrossed that business becomes all consuming. That’s understandable: It happened to me too. But when this carries on for months, it’s unhealthy.

Time is a limited resource — something we can never get back. If the work / life balance breaks down, that creates a spiral of stress and lack of sleep. This can impact your personal relationships, self-confidence, and business judgement. And any time off is no longer ‘quality time’. Rather, it’s time spent worrying.

If this is happening to you right now, then it’s time to reset the clock — and take back time.

You cannot fix everything in life by following the ground rules I’m about to suggest … but you can bring order to the chaos and make the best use of every hour.

10 ground rules for smarter time management

Rule #1: Take a super-hero reality check
You’re not Superman or Wonder Woman, even if you look great in tights. There’s a limited number of things you can do in one day — even if you get up at 6am and work until 10pm. But crazy hours should be the exception, not the rule. Work regular hours and just accept that sometimes you can’t fit in everything. Get over it!

Rule #2: Focus on your business goals
Have a business plan and keep it up to date. Then translate this into operational objectives for each month. This will help to keep your activities on track while giving you focus and believe that your business is getting somewhere.

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